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 Magellan RoadMate 700/760 Map and Software Update Version 6 North America service
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Price:   $129.95 Each
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Call us! (408) 298-8188
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This service allows Auto Nav 2000 Plus, Inc to perform the map update for you.
Just simply ship us your unit and we will provide the map update service
Please contact us at 408-298-8188 to obtain an RA number.


This Magellan RoadMate North America V6 Map upgrade v 5.36 includes updated maps making navigation even easier!


Auto Nav 2000 Plus, Inc is also providing a full service map update for customer, simply ship your unit to us and we will update the unit and ship it back to you promptly.  


No need to deal with Magellan customer service or wait for a DVD to update your unit on a PC that may or may not be compatible with the new software update.  


Let Auto Nav update your Magellan RoadMate hassle free today. Only an additional $50 map update service charge plus S/H  This Magellan RoadMate V6 upgrade includes the latest updated maps from Magellan for your Magellan RoadMate. 


This new mapping software will make your navigation expierence even easier! Many new streets, highways and developments have been added to this latest released map update.   

The Points of Interest database has been updated as well, so you can instantly route to restaurants, hotels, ATMs, gas stations and much more.   


Auto Nav will provide the update service, customer is required to ship Magellan RoadMate unit to be updated to us with an authorization number from Auto Nav 2000 Plus, Inc.


Please contact us at 408-298-8188 to obtain a RA number and ship to address for this update.     


We provide a complete solution for customers that do not own a compatible PC / Mac or do not wish to perform the update on their Magellan RoadMate GPS products themselves.  


If you select to have Auto Nav 2000 Plus, Inc perform the software map update for you, you must provide us with your unit serial number located on the back of the Magellan RoadMate unit and the model of your GPS unit so we can provide you with the necessary authorization code for your unit to be updated.


Please insert serial number and model information under our comment section while placing  your map software update with us.


Auto Nav 2000 Plus, Inc has been authorized by Magellan to perform software map updates for the Magellan RoadMate units.  

If you already attempted to update your MRM 700/760 unit and your unit failed the update, here are some possible causes:




Why do we charge customers for map updates?


When Magellan goes to market with new products and updates, there are development costs in terms of people and technology. In addition, for map updates, Magellan is charged fees by NavTeq there map software providers. Therefore, Magellan must charge for map updates to cover these internal costs and the royalties paid to outside providers so that our customers can have improved map data.



Could I have received a bad DVD map disc?



Although it is not impossible to received a damaged DVD map update disc, it is highly unlikely. Some of the cause or conflict you may experience is having
 an earlier software version such as version or 3.0.07 on your Magellan RoadMate unit.
Customers who have MRM 700 units with software older than v3.32 will have problems updating their units with the Map Update.  
You must first download the update for v3.32 from the Magellan website and update your MRM 700 unit prior to performing the Map Update.   Also, the Map Update for MRM 700/760 was verified to work only on Windows 2000 & XP PC Configurations by Magellan, Windows Vista was not available at the time of release for verification. If a user is using Windows Vista they may encounter problems.



What countries does Magellan RoadMate cover?


The U.S. version contains maps that cover the continental United States and selected major cities in Canada.
Magellan RoadMate contains maps for 17 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Eire, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.


Why is my unlock code not accepted?


Please check that the internal serial number of the unit is the same as the one provided during your purchase of the map update. If there is an error, please contact Magellan.


Is it normal that my GPS unit goes through a series of screen changes and restarts during the map update process?


Yes, this is the normal behaviour during the map update.


Do I need to de-activate power saving options of Windows before performing the map update?


We highly recommend that the power saving option be temporarily disabled to ensure the integrity of the data transfer along with all Internet security program.


Can I use other applications on my computer during the map update?


It is highly recommend that the map update is performed when you do not need to use your computer for several hours; It is also recommend that all applications be shut down or temporarily disabled before the map update is performed to ensure the integrity of the data transfer.


Windows is giving me a driver warning message, what should I do?


While the GPS unit is being updated, a driver message may appear. Please ignore the message and continue the installation. This has no adverse impact on the map update process.


I am having issues when updating the maps from Window XP OS, what do I do?


It is recommended that you update your PC to Windows XP Service Pack 2. Get Update Now


I am having issues when updating the maps from Window 2000 OS, what do I do?


It is recommended that you update your PC to Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. Get Update Now

If you already attempted to update your MRM 700/760 unit and your unit failed the update, here are some possible causes


Recover service provided if your unit fails during map update by Auto Nav 2000 Plus, Inc. 


Note: If you already have attempted to update your Magellan RoadMate unit and the unit failed the update, we offer map update recovery service along with updating your unit with the software you already purchased from Magellan. This service is provided by Auto Nav for a fee and you will not have to deal with calling Magellan customer service to try to recover your MRM unit.

We provide a 24-48 hours turn around serivce on the average, no need to wait for weeks and weeks to have your MRM unit fix by Magellan.


Note: If you wish to update your Magellan RoadMate you will need:


PC Requirements


·         DVD Drive

·         Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4), XP (Service Pack 2), or Windows Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate)


Please note


·         Version 6 Upgrade is on DVD-ROM only

·         DVD compatible with PC only

·         For Magellan RoadMate 700 owners only, in order to use the Version 6 upgrade, your Magellan RoadMate 700 must have a firmware version 3.32 or greater. To check your firmware, press the Option Key on your Magellan RoadMate 700, select Configuration, select Diagnostics, select Product Information; confirm firmware version number (for example: SW Version 3.10).

·         To download version 3.32 click here.

If software/firmware update installation is interrupted in anyway including interruption due to low battery power, your GPS may no longer be able to operate. Be sure to charge battery fully with an authorized AC charger  before starting the map/firmware update installation procedure. Note that you perform software / firmware update at your own risk. You assume the entire cost of all service, repair or correction if necessary.

We sell the freshest maps that are currently available, and cannot guarantee when the next new map will be released by manufacturers. If you buy the map, you are responsible for your actions and there is no refunds or returns if new maps is available after you purcahse your map updates.



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